Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Are You Really Safe From a Home Invasion?

Home Invasion
A home invasion essentially is a break-in that strikes while you and your family are home this could also happen when you’re not. Most assailants when attempting an invasion prefers to gain entry by method of kicking in your door…this is commonly known as a (Kick Door) Burglary. Considering most families disarm their alarm systems while being active in their homes, home invaders know Less than three Kicks and one minute is all it takes to break through the average residential door secured with a deadbolt being present. This is exactly the reason thieves performs a (Kick Door) Burglary to gain entry in an astounding 50% rate of home burglaries. Once you sit back and image you and your family is home and could become Unsuspecting victims, with your family and possessions as the primary targets…… it’s terrifying! Along with that fact more jobs are being lost, the crime rate will increase.

Once you’re inside your home the doors are locked, are you really safe? With crime on the rise, your home should be your shelter, your protection for your entire family. Having busy schedules and long lists of priorities, your home protection should be on the top priority list

According to the FBI this is their findings on burglaries.

Definition: Burglary as the unlawful entry of a structure to commit a felony or theft.Classifications: There are three. Forcible entry, Unlawful entry where no force is used and attempted forcible entry.

Definition of “structure” includes, apartment, barn, house trailer or houseboat when used as a permanent dwelling, office, railroad car (but not automobile), stable, and vessel (i.e., ship).

In 2006, there were an estimated 2,183,746 burglary offenses.
1. Burglary accounted for 21.9 percent of the estimated number of property crimes committed.
2. Burglary offenses cost victims an estimated $4 billion in lost property.
3. The average dollar loss per burglary offense was $1,834.
4. Of the burglary offenses in 66.2 percent were of residential structures.

The FBI says every 12 seconds a home is invaded by going right through the front or back door.

Sources: FBI Uniform Crime Report, Bureau of Justice Statistics and U.S. Department of Justice.


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Protecting your most esteemed possessions requires greater security than ever. You should think beyond insurance policies and alarms systems. Steel Door Armor makes sense to the home owner, renter, or landlord, it is inexpensive, easy to install for even the less knowledgeable do-it-yourselfer, single moms and the elderly could install this product, best part of all….. You can take it with you once you move

Home Alarms Purpose
An alarm system serves the purposes of attempting to deter a home invader, notifying you a home invader has either attempted or successfully entered your home. Alarms can not stop a home invader, who has already targeted your home with the intent of using physical force to enter.

Video Surveillance Purpose
A home surveillance system serves the purposes of attempting to deter an home invader, make surveillances and possibly video capture images. Video surveillance systems can not stop a home invader, who has already targeted your home with the intent of using physical force to enter.

Steel Door Armor Purpose
Steel Door Armor serves the purposes to help prevent a home invader from getting in at all, also giving you and your family time to alert police or to make an alternate escape. Period it’s that simple.

Experts Recommendation
" If the primary locks on your doors are entry locksets, and they're working fine, there's probably little to gain by replacing them. None of the entry locksets afforded great protection, not even top-rated ones. If you want to make your doors more secure, start by beefing up the hardware in their door jambs."